Friday, July 10th at George's Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR

Saturday, July 11th at Rev Room, Little Rock, AR

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This is one of those tracks that no matter where you are it will transport you inside of your mind to someplace better. For me that’s an intergalactic highway through some swirling galaxy as the planets and stars go flying by.
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-Sonicbids Spin First Friday Playlist, 2013

Boom Kinetic is a great indie pop band with modern production but with roots in the 80s, creating infectious tunes that span the generations.
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-'Round Magazine, 2012

This dance band has a somber, albeit high-energy sound that sets them apart from other up-and-comers. With a dual front man dynamic and a talented cast to support it, it is hard not to dance when one of their songs comes on.
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-The Arkansas Traveler, 2012

Part Gray/Part Bright Light is a strong release from Boom Kinetic. The band certainly shows that they can write a good pop song, many of which already sound ready to be echoed throughout arenas.
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-Muzik Reviews, 2011

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